Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has made it to the celebrated list of 100 most influential women of 2016! Yes, you heard it right.  The list includes a mix of entrepreneurs, engineers, sportswomen, business women, fashion icons and artists who have left a mark with their contributions in their fields.

Sunny Leone debuted in Bollywood in 2012 and has acted in a dozen of films since then. She is a former porn star. Her quote in the list says-

“It’s your right as a woman to follow your dreams and it’s your responsibility to make them come true.”

Apart from Sunny Leone, the list also includes four Indian names – Gouri Chindarkar (Sangli), Mallika Srinivasan (Chennai), Neha Singh (Mumbai) and Saalumarada Thimmakka (Karnataka) who have done incredible work in their respective fields.

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