Famous Bollywood Singer Sonu Nigam has a crazy fan following. Millions of people are mesmerised by his magical voice. But Sonu Nigam, recently decided to do something different. He disguised himself like an old poor man with the help of makeup and prosthetics and sang in the streets of Juhu, Mumbai.

It took a short while for people to gather around him and listen to his singing. However, not a single person recognized him. The small flock appreciated when he finished his singing and left the place.

At the end of the video, Sonu Nigam speaks about his experience and said it was very heartwarming. He said that the best moment was when a young man shook his hands and slipped 12 Rs in Sonu’s hands without letting anyone know about it and asked him whether he has done his breakfast.

‘In the daily grind of life we forget how happiness lies in little things around us and how God is in details.We all pine for that small little happiness but we are so busy running after the grand one’s we miss on the delightful experience we could get from the small things!

Watch the video below,

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