We quite often see actors saying that real life and movies have quite a lot of difference. We see actors educating their fans to not try something silly trying to imitate a stunt from a movie that they saw and end up in hospital beds or even losing lives. One such scene from is from the movie Baahubali.

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The iconic Shivudu’s jump from the cascading waterfall in Bahubali: The Beginning. Remember when Shivudu jumps off the cliff next to waterfall to get to the other side. The celebrity actor Prabhas jumped off against the backdrop of a stunning waterfall. This was one of the most eye catching scenes of this blockbuster movie. This movie scene got a lot of fame and acclaim, however off camera this very scene has proved to be quite fatal. Indrapal Patil, a business man from Mumbai jumped from a waterfall at Mahuli Fort in Shahapur, missed landing on his feet and thereafter lost his life. According to the Shahpur police, “these leaps are inspired by the jump in the Baahubali movie.” As per further reports, this is the second death in the last fortnight.

Police are in fact reported of injuries every two-three days. “Every year during monsoon, we have our hands full with these incidents. Last month, a man died of a heart attack while he was trying to climb up to the waterfall’s source. The police are looking to make this waterfall, a no-entry zone. “We can’t let anyone come to the area as we don’t know who will try to imitate the ‘Baahubali jump’. We prefer people missing out on enjoying nature’s beauty, than people leaping to their deaths.” stated a police official.

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